Wedding Trends 2020


Yes, you read that right. 2020! We’re heading into the last quarter of 2019 and there is no stopping some amazing wedding ideas. We have trawled the interwebs and, looking towards 2020, share a few awesome trends with you.

Our current wedding gen of Millennials have been breaking many wedding traditions over the last couple of years! More and more we are starting to see their influence rise even further. I am writing this as a Millennial “Elder”

They want dessert other than just a wedding cake, sometime massively elaborate. They are cutting out the traditional bouquet and garter toss, and even assigned seating!

The Orchard House Shanie and Michael Vermaak Wedding

Now, multiple kinds of music throughout the events, interactive experiences and nooks for more conversation are the order of the day.

Sigar bars, espresso stations, and other quiet for guests to step away from the reception to have conversations and connect with others.

We’ve been looking at the international influence of weddings overseas as well as our local couples and wedding planners (thanks Google) to get a good feel for the wedding trends for 2019 / 2020.

We’ll be seeing a lot more of these in upcoming weddings:

1) It is all About the Couple

The global village is getting smaller and couples from different backgrounds meet and fall in love. It is such great fun planning weddings with different traditions, colours, tastes and music. Modern couples are making their very own statements and bring their own culture into the 21st century while still respecting their heritage. The weddings are strongly influenced by the bride & grooms taste and new ways they communicate their love story to their guests.

Couples create their own logos which are seen already from the invites and RSVPs. The logos are then transferred onto the rest of the stationery and can also be used as a light projection onto the wall or the dancefloor, or used on coasters going under the cocktails. The couple’s taste can also be seen in their choice in speciality linen, textures of the wedding décor, and personalised music. There are so many ways to make a personal statement and It will look fantastic on the day!

Lizelle & Fanco

2) Private Moments

Some couples are choosing to actually say their personal vows in private with just the celebrant as a witness. Seemingly they do this so that they can have their own moment together in private before sharing their love with their family and friends. Kind alike that idea…

Many couples say that they wish they had more time with their partner during their wedding, so we’re seeing couples actually adding this time into their ceremony plans.

3) Natural Makeup & Hair

Meghan Markle and the Royal Wedding have been the driver behind the natural makeup trend. Megan Markle looked absolutely beautiful and kept her hair and make-up to a minimum. With this in mind it’s important to remember that make-up should not transform your look – it should simply bring out your best.

No more layers of dramatic makeup; keep it light and simple. If you usually wear your hair down, there’s no reason to attempt an intricate updo for your big day. Just be yourself and be comfortable. Focus on bringing out your own natural beauty.

4) More Alternative Seating

We’re seeing weddings take on a bit more of a relaxed atmosphere when it comes to food and seating. More couples are going to opt for relaxed seating rather than fixed seating for their guests, with traditional chairs making way for more bench seats, cushions, crates and pallet seating for that bohemian vibe.

5) More Food Options

No more chicken or beef. Today’s couple wants lots of food options for their guests since they are aware of food allergies, dietary restrictions, and varying tastes (Vegans!). Instead of one plate fits all, they are creating food stations, sushi boats, grazing tables, hosting food trucks, BBQ style servings and more.

Interactive food stations, even buffet-style meals, and ice cream trucks are also great hits! Guests want to have options to choose from. With beautiful interactive food stations and grazing tables, the food becomes part of the decor for the day. As weddings get more casual, these unique food service options become a good way to bring people together at the events.

The Orchard House

6) Decor Trends

Apparently copper is going to keep making its way into more and more events and rose gold we hav seen so much of this year will start to phase out. We’ll see forest weddings and glass marquees remain popular as greenery is used in décor, installations and of course items such as flower bouquets. Moody fall/winter colour palette is coming in including dark wedding cakes that are given pops of colour with flowers and decoration. Navy and burgundy have been big winners when it comes to wedding trends and colours over the past year, but we have news for 2019/2020

Black is back! Stylish black décor, slick black designs, black and gold/copper table settings and stunning black bridesmaid dresses are all in for a comeback as the bohemian influence really brings those moody tones and hues further into weddings.

Color palettes, decor, bridesmaid dresses, groomsman’s suits are all becoming more fluid with lots of mixing and matching. Wedding colour schemes are less rigid and more vibrant pops of colour are coming back.

Sustainability in wedding decor and favours is a major consideration for couples. They are creating favours that guests can use, cook with, plant in their garden, or eat versus trinkets that may not be used.

Candles have always been a great way to set the mood, but even better? Unique lighting fixtures to really set the mood. Move aside, string lights! Receptions in 2019/2020 will be LIT with mixed pendants, exposed bulbs, fringed masterpieces, mini lampshades and shell chandeliers. Light boxes and neon signs are replacing chalkboards, while big lit up letters is still a favourite.

Greenery really is the gift that keeps on giving and it is staying popular when it comes to weddings. Use bunches of olive or eucalyptus leaves to make awesome bridesmaid bouquets that are affordable and totally easy to DIY. There’s a bigger emphasis on creating an overall natural look and feel and greenery hanging from the roof is still a popular trend. Hanging installations really found their stride and we expect to see them becoming more and more elaborate.

The Orchard House Shanie and Michael Vermaak Wedding

The Orchard House Patensie

7) The Gown & Veil

Make sure you find the gown of your dreams that really speaks to who you are and reflects your personality. Veils are getting longer and more dramatic. The right veil should strike the perfect balance between effortless elegance and drama. Luxury is in the details so choosing fine fabrics and a gown with detailed beading, embroidery or lace work will show your gown’s character and unique beauty. This is definitely a place to spend that budget!

We know every couple is unique and want to personalize their big day. We love the trend predictions and can’t wait for the 2019 and 2020 weddings to see more of these wedding trends incorporated into our couple’s special day!